mardi 26 juin 2007


Le silence de l'Humanité et du PCF sur la Sinistra Europea est tellement assourdissant que même moi je pourrais finir par douter que cela a VRAIMENT eu lieu ( en dépit des films, des photos, des articles ...)

Ouff, j'ai encore trouvé une "preuve" que je n'avais pas halluciné sous le titre "Great weekend for the Left in Europe!" qui parle, dans le même article de Die Linke et de la Sinistra Europea... PPPFFFFIIIOOOUUU (je range mon Lexo' ;-)) --- désolée pour les non anglophones ce n'est pas traduit ( je vous promets que je le ferai ce week end )


After two years of preparation the new Party DIE LINKE was founded in Berlin on the 16th of June 2007. 2500 new members in 72 hours shows that lots of people waited for that moment.

The fusion of WASG and Leftparty.PDS and the creation of the Italian section of the European Left Sinistra Europea at the same weekend in Rome show that the left in Europe is capable to unite and to leave old quarrels behind and to give birth to fruitful promising projects which attract young and old people who didn’t find their place in politics before.

The presence of guest coming from over 50 countries from 4 continents demonstrates that this process has been closely followed in the recent months. Lots of parties and organisations have been forwarding their greetings and congratulations for this new project in Germany. The President of the European Left Fausto Bertinotti had the privilege to be at both events in Rome and in Berlin.

Please find both his interventions here:

et ça

"The Left in Italy, despite of the political crisis that is affecting Europe, continues the fight against neoliberalism and the perverse effects of the globalization.

More then 2000 persons joined the Founding Conference of the Italian Section of the European Left (Sinistra Europea) on 16th -17th of June 2007 in Rome.

The opening celebration brought together people from trade unions, national associations, movements, and representatives coming from the local communities.

A very succesfull aspect of the event was the presence of people with a long history of political militancy next to a big number of young people who made their first steps in the field of politics. It is also the first conference where the gender balance is ensured with the participation of 50% of female delegates.

Sinistra Europea unites 14 national networks and 50 national and local associations, Rifondazione Comunista and the movements. Its organizational form is a network with thematic knots like social and environmental associations deeply rooted in the territory and provincial and regional coordination groups, research centres, newspapers.
The aims of Sinistra Europea are the same as for the European Left- e.g. a Europe of peace, that supports the social struggles of the workers for better living and working conditions, the shutting down of the Temporary Detention Centre, the refuse of the TAV project-. (the High Speed Train Line) and the refuse of the military bases and the struggle side by side with migrants.

The president of the European Left Fausto Bertinotti quotes the Italian poet Leopardi: "If the reason becomes passion, it is then possible to get the knowledge”, and explains that against the crisis of the politics which is affecting Europe and Italy as well, we have to find the courage "to begin" to work for a "new political strength” without walls neither barriers. The main point is to act. He further on stated that “Only with the creation of a strong political subject, open to different opinions, we will have the chance to bring people together”

The objective of a plural and unitary subject of the Left in Italy and in Europe can not be postponed anymore.

Speech of the President of the European Left Fausto Bertinotti:

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